Difference between Commercial and Residential Roofing

There are different kinds of roofing although they are different but still they have similarities. Commercial and residential roofing are the most demanding roofing. There are different styles that you can choose while installing any one of them. But along with all the related similarities there are some differences in commercial and residential roofing. These differences may be summarized as

Design:   Commercial roofs are those in which slope is very small and in most of the cases there is no slope and surface is completely flat one. It is general trend to make commercial roofs flat and don’t steep. It is desirable for commercial designing.

But in contrast to commercial roofing the roofs are very much steeper in case of residential roofing. Along with steep their size is also very small and different factors to be kept in mind while installing residential roofing. The professionals of  melbourne offering roofing services are well aware and and expert in dealing with both styles of roof.

Weight capacity:    Commercial roofing required more weight bearing capacity while residential roofing requires less weight bearing capacity. This is a typical difference between both types of roofing and this should be kept in mind while designing them.

Cost:   As mentioned above to make roofing to bear more weight the structure become costly. So commercial roofing is more costly than residential roofing.

Size:  Size of commercial roofing is usually much greater than residential roofing. The greater size is due to less slope and flat surface. Due to this reason contractors spend most time on commercial roofing than residential roofing.

Maintenance:   Usually maintenance repairing and installation, gutter replacement in Melbourne  in case of residential roofing is easy and less time consuming, because most of the residential roofing have few features. While in case of commercial roofing contractors in melbourne have to focus on different things during constructions. Commercial requires special features such as smokestacks and air flow systems to maintain proper air balance for entrance and exit.  In addition to this external and internal piping should require different controlled systems.


Function:    Commercial roofing has more protrusions than residential roofing because residential roofing needs to control chimneys and skylights.  While commercial roofing must also consider different types of protrusions such as pipes, ventilation, smokestack and some mechanical needs. This difference usually controls all the other differences because cost is also associated with functioning.

The material chosen for commercial roofing depends upon functioning as well e.g. if the commercial building have to support heavy machinery the material used should have the ability to withstand heat, tension and stress. If material chosen doesn’t exhibit such kind of properties then roofing is not applicable. In contrast to this residential roofing totally depends upon the owner and owners desire that how it look like and durability also depends upon him.

These are some of the basic differences between both of them. These differences arise due to different requirements of companies demanding specific roofing. The contractors have different person that are highly skilled in both types of roofing. But no single contractor is highly skilled to built residential and commercial roofing with same perfection.

All of these factors should be kept in mind while constructing residential or commercial roofing. Proper material should be selected to maintain the cost of the project. Similarly proper contractor selection is also necessary because no contractor with experience of residential roofing is so perfect to work for commercial roofing.


Simple Ways To Improve Your Backyard

The backyard is the most left out space when it comes to improve its condition and invest money into it. We often forget that it is the backyard space which gives the prepossessing feel when we return tired from office in summer days. Ameliorating the backyard space with flowers and foliage, fixing a spout, colouring the concrete, varnishing the wood and opting for paving in Melbourne are some of the ideas to redo with our backyard. We can always make it visually appealing and creative by focusing more on its design and structure parameters.

  •         Cleaning

We can always begin the venture with cleaning acts. Cleaning can suffice the whole idea of maintaining the visual appeal of the backyard and will ease the family to have a quality time in the hub. In time up keeping of the backyard space will add on tranquility and serenity to the overall ambience and will give a warm and appealing look.

  •         An outdoor Kitchen

Creating a cooking area in the backyard is an amazing idea to hone our cooking skills while enjoying an evening with friends and family. A kitchen cook top, out in the outdoor patio gauges the creative competence and simply please the family. An idea to set a kitchen cook top is highly appreciable during outdoor fun gatherings or during barbeque delicacies.

  •         Shady spots

Since the outdoor space is meant to spend times during hot summer evenings or to enjoy the rains, it is always advisable to have a shade, underneath which we can hedge ourselves during the harsh weather. These shades also safeguard our furniture, wooden walls, the open kitchen, etc.

  •         Having comfortable and durable furniture

The furniture which is to be kept in the open should be weather resistant. It should be efficient in surviving in the harsh conditions and should surpass all odds. We should avoid exorbitant furniture for the outdoor and compromise on tough materials with higher resistance power. Adding on furniture assists in large family gatherings and makes the backyard look more sophisticated.

  •         Adding a hot tub and spa

Reinvigorating in the backyard with a spa and hot tube makes us feel revivify our entire self. It is an unparallel practice of enticing the backyard, giving it a suitable look with grace and elegance. One can enjoy with close friends and get over with the tiredness in the proximity of one’s personal oasis.

  •         Dashing lights

A suitable light to irradiate the whole backyard is an interesting idea to be devoid of dullness. A dazzling yet pleasing light suffice the concept of improving the backyard. A perfect synthesis of dim and dazzling lights according to the gatherings is most important to have a perfect relaxing place.

  •         Amenities for a comfortable get together

A backyard should be equipped with amenities to make the evening more comfortable and congenial. A washroom with basic provisions, a fire place during winters, a water sprinkler during hot summers, a proper shade among others should serve the purpose.

Above all these ideas to improve our backyard, the most recommended one is to have a landscape designs in Melbourne by a professional who will guide to the core for best results. If one in Melbourne is heading towards making his backyard look appealing, he should make it properly and keenly paved bringing out the natural quirkiness of the stones.

Why you need to schedule regular roof maintenance

For your roof to last for an awfully durable, you would like to require applicable steps in maintaining it. By merely taking a few of days off of your routine schedule to travel check on the roof, you’re making certain that the roof is in best condition. You’ll be able to save an entire heap of cash on major roof repair and replacement prices by repairing the minor damages as they happen. You’ll be able to either couple yourself or get facilitate from Melbourne Roofing can sure as shooting trust.

There are units many alternative forms of roofing materials therefore there are some ways of maintaining a roof. Every specific reasonably building material has its own special method of maintenance. Picket shakes, as compared to covering material shingles, have an additional distinctive maintenance demand. Asphalt shingles need a small indefinite quantity additional maintenance than slate tiles.

However, there are a unit general ways that of maintaining a roof. Each roof has roof flashing this can be the part of the roof that makes it waterproof. Confirm to ascertain the roof flashing often as a result of this half doesn’t last as long because the roof itself. Failure to try to this could enable water to ooze into the house. Protection conjointly has constant purpose therefore it should be checked yet. If you’ve got chimneys, they must be cleansed often and repaired if required. These chimneys create a decent addition to a roof, however if they appear discontented, they’re going to simply create the entire house look dangerous.

Going up your roof a minimum of doubly a year to completely check for damages is greatly helpful. Once you’re up there, you’ll be ready to spot damages quickly and you’ll be able to have them repaired quickly. Forgotten damages can solely worsen and eventually cause major roof repairs or replacements that might solely be done by roofing contractors in Melbourne will have faith in and not by you.

When you proceed to travel up your roof, place a picket block on your gutter therefore you will not dent it accidentally as you start to climb. Take additional care once growing the ladder and confirm to try to this provided that you’re in sensible physical condition confine mind that your life is additional necessary than your roof.

Once you rise there, patch holes, seal cracks, replace rotten and broken shingles, take away snow throughout the winter, and take away the algae and mould growing on your roof. However, if you’re thinking that you can’t couple yourself or haven’t any time to try to it yourself, you’ll be able to perpetually avail roof and gutter replacement service in Melbourne from Melbourne Roofing.

Is Your Family Growing? Why You Should Extend Your Home, not Move

Growing kids need more space to carry out their ever increasing activities and by the passage of time a small room may not be the best place for your kids to grow up, a limited space in the house can really affect their activities. You may want to start a home business or your parents may be moving back to your home, this may not always be the reason for limited space in the house, there can always be hundred different reasons where you experience shortage of space.

People facing such conditions usually choose to move to some other place but is it the always the best choice? No, it isn’t. Your answer lies in home extension. In every case the home extension in Melbourne has proven to be the ideal option.

Everybody definitely develops a relation with the place and a lot of memories are associated with the home, you also become really familiar with the environment and moving from a place to another place may not be easy for you our family, both emotionally and economically. Moving to a new place has its own challenges; you can face a lot of difficulties in hunting for a new place.

Grown up persons always find it easier to settle in a new place but children doesn’t always fit in the new place right away. Small kids and children usually become emotionally attached with their home and surrounding, it is not a good option to move to completely new place in a completely different and new neighborhood. You might have to change the school due to the new locality. And all these factors point in one direction, that is Home Extension.

Home extension is by far the best option to consider if you face a situation. You’ll be surprised by the costs involved in moving home. They include:

  • Estate agency fees
  • Solicitors’ fees (search fees)
  • Stamp duty
  • Removals costs
  • Survey Fees
  • Cost of decorating

home extension

home extension in Melbourne

Benefits Of Home Extension:

The choice to add an extension to your house is depends on a very important factor, do you have the available land adjacent to your property for extension? If you are lucky then a house extension is more viable option as compared to relocating. The biggest and unparallel advantage is that home extension cost is lower than moving cost, as you don’t have to move, then, you are safe from the real estate agents and mortgage headache. You don’t need to sell your property and you are safe from all the hectic procedures of finding a new one that suits your lifestyle.

Building a New Home: Why You Should Take Particular Care in Choosing a Roof

It is not by chance that the saying goes have a roof over your head on clothes on your back. Clothes serves, besides preventing indecency as protection during the day and once it is time to rest you will need a roof for the same reason. It will protect you against the elements. So following this thought process there are a few factors you need to take into consideration when you are choosing the new roof for your home. It has to withstand every season change meaning sun, wind, rain, snow and ice.

The extended heat from the sun rays will deteriorate the main building material. This means loads of reparation and high additional costs.

If the roof structure is not stable enough stronger winds can cause huge damage. If you are lucky it will only blow of a few shingles or clay tiles (if that is the material of your roof), but picture what an extremely mean storm could do to your roof.

Rain of course can lead to leakage. The most dreaded nightmare of any home owner is the stain of leakage on the ceiling and the only solution is roof repairing and ceiling/room repainting. Plus leakage leads to rotten roof structure, ceilings, walls which causes mold to appear and also the termites will make a feast out of your house. Sometimes people may prefer colorbond roofing in Melbourne at the time of new roof installation as it has the ability to make roof replacement affordable.

colorbond roofing melbourne

Lastly ice and snow can cause big troubles as well. First off ice on your roof is inevitable and it will instantly send your gutter to a vacation. Then once it starts to melt the surplus of water will lead to leakage and the bigger ice chunks will block and damage your gutter even more.

Since we are still talking about nature’s welcoming arms I should mention that trees can also ruin your roof for example stuck leaves begin to rot or block your gutter. Further more a branch can fall on your roof without warning.

A new roof system can cost you a small fortune, but if done correctly it will probably last at least 20 years. Opting for re roofing in Melbourne is the right choice if you are really looking for long term solution. Although my clay tiles are already in their sixties and besides a few blown of pieces I had no problem with it. The better the main material, the quality of the shingles, the flashing, the underlayment the more your roof will withstand various elements of nature. It is better to pay a big sum once than to pay an even bigger amount of money scattered over the years.